Pedestal Sinks - Little Tykes' Lav Child-size Pedestal Sink Bone by the Renovator's Supply
Little Tykes' Lav Child-size Pedestal Sink Bone Child-size Pedestal Sink safe with easy-reach 20 3/4 in. H x 15 3/4 in. W x 14 in. proj. In Stock
Price: $ 149.00
  • Child-size pedestal sink means LESS MESS & LESS ACCIDENTS
  • Accepts compact 4 in. center set
  • sold separately
  • Grade A Vitreous China
  • Pedestal hides unsightly drain pipes
  • Matching Kid's Loo toilet
  • sold separately
  • Install & uninstall with ease
  • ASME compliant

This "Little Tykes' Lav" smallest pedestal sink is exactly the right size to help your child build healthy handwashing habits. Letting children use sinks their size means fewer accidents, and the sink's small size and overflow hole stop messes. The open-back pedestal hides unsightly pipes. This sink is made from bone Grade A Vitreous china for enhanced durability and easy cleaning. This smallest pedestal sink uses a 4" center set faucet (NOT INCLUDED) and measures 20-3/4" H x 15-3/4" W x 14" proj. ASME compliant.